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Forget product innovation as a silver bullet for preserving margins. In a blink, even one-of-a-kind offerings become one of many — with price driving customer choices. The rapid pace of commoditization is a force as reliable as gravity.

The only way out of this quagmire is business model innovation. With a stronger business model you’ll garner previously unrealizable profit and growth opportunities.

Strategy-consultant and MIT-trained economist Kay Plantes has spent twenty-five years helping leadership teams challenge the hidden rules and assumptions of their industry and design stronger business models. With Kay as your catalyst for change, you’ll make faster and smarter strategy and execution decisions and strengthen your strategic leadership skills.

Kay’s business model innovation process was chosen by ex-3M executives’ start-up, iCanPilot as its first virtual consulting software offering. Now, leaders everywhere can apply Kay’s expertise, virtually. Learn more about business model innovation with iCanPilot »

An author, blogger and columnist, Kay's publications build on her passion for business model innovation and the creation of thriving businesses. Her new book provides leadership teams with a pragmatic, step-by-step guide to build sustainable advantage.

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As a speaker and workshop leader, Kay quickly identifies the key issues facing your organization, enabling her to offer your colleaues keen insights into their business challenges and opportunities. Audiences also appreciate the applicability of presentations and workshop material customized to their needs. Kay will motivate and prepare and leaders, clients and distribution partners to see more possiblities and create differentiated businesses. Learn more about Kay as a speaker »

As a consultant for more than 25 years, Kay's unusual blend of visionary and execution-savvy thinking and business model innovation expertise have helped leaders like you see their organization and markets through a new lens and make better strategy and execution decisions. Her consulting and energetic facilitation yield clarity and unified decisions around the best path forward for your organization. With Kay as a collaborator, you'll build commitment and execution success across the organization. Learn more about Kay's Consulting »

“I read [Beyond Price] with a growing sense of unease over how we delude ourselves into thinking that we are acting strategically, when really we are operating at varying levels of the tactical. You can't read this book without pausing to think hard about what business you are really in, and, more important, how you create the culture and processes with your team where that question is systematically, relentlessly examined. This book is one of those rare cold slaps to the face, and for business unit leaders, not to be missed (except, hopefully, by my competitors!)."